NorthStar Rubber Specialties -- Business Objectives and Assets

Jon Nicholson, President/Owner of NorthStar Rubber Specialties, L.L.C.


To cooperate with North American, European, and other distributors to source products in Asia. Also, to offer a continuing contact and presence at Asian manufacturing facilities, through a combination of American and Asian partners, to meet the needs of clients to compete in their markets with specific cost and quality requirements.


  • Personal:

    Experience in Asia – Numerous and frequent business trips to China, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, have provided ample experience working with Asian factories. I have a strong understanding of the importance of mutually-respectful, open, and productive business relationships with Asian partners. I also understand the need for strict attention to detail, given the complications of cross-cultural communication.

  • Extensive manufacturing experience – I have a technical and manufacturing background, and experience in designing and managing the certification of footwear products to American, European, and Canadian standards. I also have extensive experience with product testing, troubleshooting manufacturing problems, determining failure modes of defective rubber products, and devising solutions to those failures.

  • Professional:

    Employment with LaCrosse Footwear, Inc.: 24 years (continuous from 10/1/77 to 12/1/2001). Positions held included:

    • Factory worker
    • Lab Technician
    • Development Chemist
    • Product Development Manager, Rubber Occupational
  • Current employment:

  • President/Owner, “NorthStar Rubber Specialties, LLC”, since 2001, specializing in footwear design and manufacturing, rubber compounding.

  • Publications

  • Books:

    Technical Articles:


  • Professional memberships:

    • American Chemical Society/Rubber Division
    • National Fire Protection Association
  • Academic:

    • BA Political Science/Russian Language, University of Florida, 1969-72; including 1 year each of Chemistry, Biology, and Statistics.
    • Viterbo University, 1987-88; 1 year of Anatomy and Physiology.
    • University of Wisconsin, 1988-90; 1 year each of Organic Chemistry and Calculus.