About NorthStar Rubber Specialties L.L.C. and Partner Companies

Jon Nicholson

Special Projects Consultant/Product Designer-Developer/Rubber Chemist-Engineer

Provider of independent sourcing and manufacturing services since 2001

Northstar Rubber Specialties, LLC is a U.S. consulting company, based in Minnesota, working with partners such as:

  • D&S Chemicals Co., Ltd.
  • TCTC U.S.A.
  • Beijing Patcus Footwear Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Rubber Products Group
  • East Rock Limited, Beijing
  • Suzhou Goodsafe Protective Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Qingdao First Safety Footwear Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Latex Co., Ltd.
  • Be Sir Industrial Corp., Taiwan

Our intended clients are distributors of footwear and rubber products, including leather and rubber footwear, gloves, consumer goods, molded rubber mechanical parts, belts, molded mats, and roll matting. Many of the products we can source are commodity products, and we can supply all customers. For certain unique products, we avoid supplying multiple competitors in the same market -- your investment in market-building is protected by NorthStar Rubber Specialties L.L.C. and all partner companies.

Development and manufacturing for current and past customers:

  • Weinbrenner Shoe Company, Inc.
  • Chet's Shoes
  • AJ Charnaud, Pty. Ltd.
  • Hoffman Boots
  • Tingley Rubber Corp.
  • Shoes for Crews, Inc.
  • Stearns, Inc.

Past consulting clients:

  • Columbia Sportswear Company
  • Crocs, Inc.
  • Chinook Trading Co.
  • LaCrosse Footwear, Inc.
  • Soho Sales, Inc.
  • Hodgman, Inc.